How to create the perfect pizza for stone baking

In the post we will show you the process of creating the perfect pizza for stone baked cooking. We will start with the rolling of the dough all the way to the finished pizza. For you to try this at home you will need the following;

Core Ingredients

  • 450g dough ball

  • 80g Pizza Sauce (Best if you use Big Slice's delicious pizza sauce ;) )

  • 125g Cheese (We use 80/20 mozzarella to cheddar)

  • Bag of Semolina flour

  • Ooni 12in or 16 in Oven (With Gas of course !)

  • Metal Pizza Disc

  • Pizza Paddle

  • Rolling Pin

Depending on your skill level, this process will take anything from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, this does include the cook time.

Step 1 - Rolling of the dough

To start with place a handful of semolina flour onto your work service and put the 450g dough ball onto the flour, then put some more semolina flour on top of the dough ball. If at any stage your dough ball is starting to become sticky or hard to roll, just add extra semolina flour.

Next use 2 open hands and push the dough ball down into your work service, this isn't CPR! so do it gently and slowly. When you've pushed the dough ball down to a service area of approx 7 inches, get that rolling pin out !

The best way to roll the pizza dough, is from the middle out pushing the rolling pin away from yourself, every time you roll the dough ball out, spin the dough in quarters circles (either clockwise or anti clockwise, but keep it the same) and repeat the cycle until you have the image below right.

All you have todo now is put plenty of semolina flour on the top of the pizza dough and spread it evenly with your hands and flip the dough onto the Metal Pizza disc, so the top is now the bottom ! Make sure you give the disc a gentle shake, if the dough is sliding then its ready for step 2.

Points to remember

  • Take it slow and gentle

  • Use plenty of Semolina Flour on the base and on the top of the your dough ball.

  • If for any reason your getting a horrible looking circle for your dough, place both hands on the dough as far a part from each other. Then make mini circle motions with your hands whilst spinning the dough on the work service.

Step 2 - Flavouring that beautiful pizza

Now its time to be an artist and make that pizza have flavour ! Start by measuring 80g of Big Slice's Pizza sauce, and pouring it into the middle of the Pizza. Then turn the measuring cup or spoon upside down and in mini circle motions spread the sauce all over the pizza dough, make sure you leave around 1in space all the way around the edge for the crust.

Your Pizza should be looking like the image (bottom left), all you have to do now is measure out 125g of cheese and evenly sprinkle over the pizza, so it looks like the image (Bottom right). This part of the process is the easiest part and the quickest. Now we are onto step 3!

Step 3 - The Cooking !

By far the best and most enjoyable part of the process and please be patient with the cooking their is some skill involved in stone baked cooking. Make sure your Ooni oven is on and up to heat (Takes around 20 minutes) and have the dial on about 1/4 heat.

When sliding the pizza off the disc and onto the hot stone plate, you need to angle the disc about 45 degrees down and give the disc a controlled flip towards the oven and then slide the disc out slowly, there is an art to this and it may take a few attempts to get it right.

With the Pizza on the stone bake, all you need to do now is spin the pizza every 40 seconds with the pizza paddle. At Big slice we use the in and spin technique, simply slide the paddle in, pull the pizza slightly out the oven and spin it quarterly (Either clockwise or anti clockwise) and slide that pizza back in. It will take around 3 minutes to cook the pizza.

Step 4 - Eat the pizza

This on is self explanatory !!!!

Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog, or alternately get in touch with Big Slice and tag your attempt on our social media.

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